Unleash Your French
Through Practice.

If you’re an online French learner looking for well-structured courses, more practice and tests with regular feedback, you’ve come to the right place. 

Does this sound like you?

If you said yes to any one of these, then you’re in the right place!

Is this a scenario you know all too well?

Initial motivation?

Super excited!

Accessing content?

Super easy!

Online subs?

A ton!

Actual French use?

Just meh!

Yes, becoming a user of French is hard!

It’s especially challenging for online students to navigate confusing tutorials with little help.

“Why is this instructor never answering my questions?”
“Wait, why am I studying this now? Where am I?”
“How come there’s no quiz to help me practice these grammar rules?”

Many frustrated French learners have similar questions. I created a system that takes students from learners to full-fledged French users. Want to dramatically improve your French too?

What if I told you there was a better way

Target-oriented lessons

What if you took a French lesson that followed a clear roadmap, giving you more focus and saving you time?


Imagine engaging with problem-solving tasks, building and solidifying your French skills and boosting your confidence.

Mentor-supported platform

What if you got regular feedback from your instructor and became part of an enthusiastic community?

Don’t settle for subpar online French courses. Choose for a solution with  clear learning paths and ample practice opportunities.
Yes, I can help you with it!
Introducing Your One-Stop Online French Training Solution

Who am I?

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Herman Koutouan, and I am your online French coach!

I am passionate about training my students to actively practice and use French, not just passively memorize it.

Thousands of students from the Alliance Française, the University of Minnesota, as well as my YouTube and Facebook pages, have enjoyed and still benefit from my in-depth French training platform. I’ve made practice the cornerstone of my students’ French learning journey. No learning without practice.
I will train you to use and understand hundreds of foundational French words, sentence structures, and phrases so that you no longer fear speaking, reading, listening, and writing this beautiful language.

My Teaching Philosophy In Three Simple Words


You can’t reach what you cannot see. We break down every lesson to its smallest bit, taking away all confusion. You never lose focus!


If the words test, quiz and practice did not exist, this platform wouldn’t either. Our dedication to French practice is our top priority.


Support should never come as a privilege but as a right. You deserve full guidance and support. Period. You can count on that.

Is this the right French Training Platform For me?


Yes, definitely!

How can this French training platform help me? 

Online French content alone won’t make you fluent. You know it deep down, even if it’s hurts.
But I have an amazing opportunity for you!

This 6-step plan will help you use French actively in no time.

In my view, there are 6 exercises that really work, and all of them are featured on this platform.

Important: This early-bird offer ends 9th of August.

How does it work?

How your French training experience looks like here:

Planning Phase: Decide what you want to learn.

You can't reach what you can't see. What is it exactly that you want to master in French? our outstanding course layouts to help you zero in and visualize rapidly your next milestone.

Input Phase: Watch, read or listen.

Focus on 1 lesson and ONE LESSON ONLY at a time until you get it. Our lessons are usually short to allow for lots of practice time later: that's where the magic happens!

Pratice Phase: Drill it in!

Our motto: "No lesson is fully learned until you practice and teach it simply." We offer built-in quizzes, interactive flashcards, and workbooks to help you get at this level.

Testing Phase: Take regular exams.

Test your skills with our regular comprehensive French exams. You can download them anytime and we provide answer keys. We can also grade your tests for you.

The Practice Lab: Go the extra mile.

We give you unlimited access to our French training lab, 24/7, all year round. Improve your French skills, experiment with the language, and receive full premium support. Guaranteed.

Here’s everything you’re going to get with

Your All-In-1 French Training Platform:

12 French language training books and al (VALUE: $645).

170 illustrated French vocabulary infographics to use as cheat sheet and quick refresher (VALUE: $339).

72 Q-&-A practice dialog sets that make everyday conversations about you easier (VALUE: $99).

Unlimited premium support from your French language coach (VALUE: $18,000 @$60 per day)).

24/7 practice opportunities in the French practice lab (VALUE: Immeasurable).

Over 6000 French training video and audio tutorials accessible 24/7 (VALUE: $240,000 @$40 per lesson)).

Important: This early-bird offer ends 9th of August.

Look at what students have to say about my courses

I was a bit skeptical about learning French online, but these courses exceeded my expectations. The focus on practice and feedback was especially helpful.




“I’ve been studying French for years, but these courses helped me finally feel confident speaking and understanding the language. Highly recommend! 👍👍 ❤❤



These courses were challenging, but in a good way. I felt like I was really pushing myself to improve, and the results were worth it ❤.



The customer support was excellent, and the courses were well-structured and engaging. I’m excited to continue my French studies with Frenchtastic People. ❤❤



“I’m a high school student, and I’m taking this course to prepare for the DELF exam. The lessons are rigorous and comprehensive, and you seem to be quite fair in your evaluations of my tests. I’m confident that I’ll do well on the exam, and I’m excited to continue my French studies. Wish me luck!👍👍 “


Sri Lanka

A detailed view of our flagship courses

Let me first help you build your strongest foundations in French with the 3 pillars


Build a solid language base with essential grammar rules and structures that lay the groundwork for fluency.


We teach you all the essential French words and phrases for effective communication.


Master the key French verbs expressing daily actions + ideas and lay the groundwork for deep meaning.

Essential French Grammar Course

Course Details

An intensive 60-chapter video French grammar course targeting levels A0 to roughly B1/B2 (Upper Intermediate / Low Advanced). It comes with an accompanying workbook loaded with 100s of fun and engaging grammar activities.

This unit has:

10 chapters
23 lectures

Chapter One

Introducing Yourself / Nationality and occupations

Chapter Two

Describing people (1) / Feminine and masculine forms / Regular and irregular nouns

Chapter Three

Describing people (2) / French Adjectives / Singular & plural forms of adj.

Chapter Four

Verb ÊTRE in the present / subject pronouns / "Tu vs. Vous" / "Nous vs. On"

Chapter Five

The interrogative form (1) / Simple interrogation: yes or no questions / Negative form (1) ne+verb+pas

Chapter Six

Present tense of ER-verbs (1)
1st person singular JE + -ER

Chapter Seven

ER verbs in the present tense (2)
(review) Interrogation and Negation

Chapter Eight

Er verbs (3) : Special cases
Stem changes for specific ER verbs

Chapter nine

Pronominal ER verbs in the present tense

Chapter nine

Pronominal ER verbs in the present tense

Chapter nine

Pronominal ER verbs in the present tense

Chapter ten

Masculine & feminine of nouns
Masculine & feminine articles (b)

Chapter eleven

French nouns in the singular and plural forms

Chapter twelve

French indefinite articles
French definite articles

Chapter thirteen

contracted articles "à la", "au", "aux" / "de la", "du", "des"

Chapter fourteen

Possessive adjectives

Chapter fifteen

Demonstrative adjectives

Chapter sixteen

Stating ownership: AVOIR + noun
Placement of French adjectives

Chapter seventeen

Describing physical appearances
Saying your age

Chapter eighteen

Expressing pain sensations
Expressing lack

Chapter nineteen

AVOIR in the present tense

Chapter twenty

Definite Articles with negative particles "pas le", “pas la”, "pas les"
Indefinite articles with negative particles "pas de"

This unit has:

11 chapters
21 lectures

Chapter twenty-one

French location words: "à", "de", "chez", "près de", "loin de"

Chapter twenty-two

French location words (2): “à”, “au”, “en” + city or country

Chapter twenty-three

French location words (3) "dans", "sur", "sous", "devant", "derrière"

Chapter twenty-four

Using the French expression "il y a" in three constructions: "il y a / est-ce qu’il y a / il n’y a pas...”

This unit has:

7 chapters
15 lectures

Chapter twenty-five

Identifying someone, something "Qui est-ce ?", "Qu’est-ce que c’est ?"
"Ce n’est pas" as negation

Chapter twenty-six

identifying, describing someone, something: "C’est" vs. "Il est"

Chapter twenty-seven

Making a general comment with "C’est " + adjective)

This unit has:

7 chapters
18 lectures

Chapter twenty-eight

Numbers (1) to count
Numbers (2) to rank
Day and date

Chapter twenty-nine

What time is it? "il est" + heures

Chapter thirty

Weather (forecast)
Months and the seasons

Chapter thirty-one

French partitive articles
"du", de la", "des"

Chapter thirty-two

Expressing quantities
"un kilo de", "beaucoup de", "pas de"

Chapter thirty-three

Making comparisons of French adjectives and adverbs

Chapter thirty-four

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-five

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-six

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-seven

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-eight

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-nine

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter forty

Comparing quantities - Superlative

This unit has:

8 chapters
23 lectures

Chapter forty-one

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter forty-two

Comparing quantities - Superlative

This unit has:

8 chapters
17 lectures

Chapter forty-three

French verbs in the near future tense

Chapter forty-four

The passé composé with AVOIR (1)
ER verbs in the passé composé
IR verbs (2nd group) in the passé composé

Chapter forty-five

The passé composé with AVOIR (2)
Irregular verbs in IR, RE, OIR verbs in the passé composé

Chapter forty-six

The passé composé with ÊTRE (1)
General rules of agreement

Chapter forty-seven

The passé composé with ETRE (2)
ETRE vs AVOIR in passé composé
passé composé: reflexive verbs

Chapter forty-eight

French verbs in the imparfait
Expressing past habits

Chapter Forty-nine

french verbs in the future tense
Making plans

Chapter fifty

Summarizing the French present, past and future tenses

Chapter fifty-one

Prepositions of time: "Il y a", "pendant", "depuis", "dans"

Chapter fifty-two

The interrogative form (2)
Asking où, quand, comment, combien, pourquoi

This unit has:

8 chapters
19 lectures

Chapter fifty-three

The interrogative form (3)
Asking about someone, something

Chapter fifty-four

The negative form (2)
"ne rien", "ne jamais", "ne plus", "ne personne"

Chapter fifty-five

The negation and interrogation in the passé composé

Chapter fifty-six

French pronoun : “en”

Chapter fifty-seven

French pronoun : “y”

Chapter fifty-eight

French direct object pronouns: le, la, les

Chapter fifty-nine

indirect object pronouns: lui, leur

This unit has:

5 chapters
13 lectures

Chapter sixty

Tonic [emphatic, disjunctive] pronouns

Check out my foundational vocabulary courses

Core French Vocabulary course

Course Details

Delve into 27 core vocabulary categories and boost your French repertoire with thousands of practical words and expressions you can use every day to convey useful meanings. With the help of smart flashcards, bilingual sentence examples and audio sentences, you’ll be set.

Get Your Special Early-Bird Offer Now

The one essential French verb course you need

Most Used French Verbs

We help you master the 265 most frequently-used French verbs, accounting for over 80% of daily conversations.

Verbs about communicating

43 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs for giving/ withdrawing

28 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs for entering / exiting

40 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs for touching and hitting

14 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs for physical states/ behavior

28 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs of Location

28 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs of Motion

18 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs About Adding & Depriving

45 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Psychological Verbs

6 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs about Making & Creating

12 verbs

2 semantic subcategories

Possession Verbs / Holding, Losing Verbs

31 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Transformation & Substitution Verbs

9 verbs

2 semantic subcategories

Verbs of Union / Reunion

10 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Auxiliary & Impersonal Verbs

10 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Helping your French practice at every step

multimedia-boosted study

Regular and stable testing

French practice on target

the lab

Take your online French practice
to a whole new level

get dedicated practice books for maximum french training opportunities.

complete grammar workbook

When learning a new language, ample practice opportunities are necessary. We’re here to support you in utilizing your newly acquired skills at every step of your French learning adventure. We firmly believe that genuine and consistent practice is essential for effective learning to take shape.

Master the verbs you need daily

and you get even more French training

We take you deeper in practice

grammar glossary

Try our full French exams and find out your current level. Each one gets graded free of charge.

verbs in context

Want to express a thought but can't figure out the right French words? We have a complete library for it.

extended vocab

Access the most complete French-training platform online. We prioritize practice 100%.

Targeted study: practice exactly
the French you need

The A-to-Z of French Grammar

20 entries / 102 lessons:

Acronym, Abstract noun, Adverb, Agreement, Animate...

22 Entries / 111 Lessons:

Cardinal number, Clause, Cedilla, Clause element...

10 entries / 67 lessons:

Definite article, Demonstrative adjective, Diaresis, Direct Object...

4 entries / 36 lessons:

Elision, Etymology, Expletive NE, Emphatic pronoun...

7 entries / 46 lessons:

Feminine, Finite clause, First group singular, Future Simple...

3 entries / 17 lessons:

Gerund, Gender, Grave accent.

2 entries / 12 lessons:

Head noun, Head verb.

28 entries / 169 lessons:

Idiom, Impersonal pronoun, Imperfect tense...

2 entries / 12 lessons:

Liaison, Lower case.

7 entries / 44 lessons

Main clause, Masculine, Modal verb, Modifier, Mood, Morphology...

10 entries / 63 lessons:

Negative, Neuter, Neutral pronoun, Nonfinite Clause...

3 entries / 16 lessons:

Object, Object pronoun, Ordinal number...

25 entries / 129 lessons: :

P.d.o., Particle, Participle, Present tense, Present participle...

2 entries / 14 lessons:

Qualificative adjective, Quantifier.

5 entries / 27 lessons:

Reflexive pronoun, Reflexive verb, Relative clause, Relative...

21 entries / 126 lessons:

Second group, Second person plural, Second person singular, Semantic...

5 entries / 36 lessons:

Tense, Third group, Third person singular, Third person plural...

2 entries / 10 lessons:

Uppercase, Uncountable.

5 entries / 27 lessons:

Variable, Verb, Verbal phrase, Voice, Vowel...

French Phrases you can copy

13 units / 26 lessons

Forming Question Easily in French

2 units / 6 lessons

French phrases to describe people & their daily routines

8 units / 24 lessons

Greetings & Social Etiquette Phrases

15 units / 30 lessons

Essential How-To’s French survival phrases

8 units / 16 lessons

French phrases to describe the natural world.

10 units / 80 lessons

French phrases for in-depth self-introduction

11 units / 33 lessons

French Words and Expressions Used to Ask Questions

7 units / 21 lessons

Communicative Language Situations

7 units / 21 lessons

French Phrases Related to Numbers

9 units / 27 lessons

Time, Calendar & Weather phrases

7 units / 21 lessons

Shopping & Finance Phrases

12 units / 36 lessons

Food-Related French Phrases

6 units / 18 lessons

French Phrases For Dealing With a Problem

4 units / 12 lessons

Drinks & Beverages-Related French Expressions

8 units / 24 lessons

French Phrases related to Travel & Means of Transportation

3 units / 9 lessons

Email, Fax & Mail French Phrases

7 units / 21 lessons

Hotel-Related French Phrases

8 units / 24 lessons

French Phrases about Hobbies & Interests

7 units / 21 lessons

Expressing Locations & World Destinations

5 units / 15 lessons

Restaurant-Related French Phrases

5 units / 15 lessons

French Phrases about People and Their Feelings

2 units / 6 lessons

Essential French Language Tools

Smarter way to master French verbs

the No-Conjugation method

Waste no time building full French sentences by using semi-auxiliaries devoir, savoir, pouvoir, vouloir, etc. to build meaning sentences.

More than 1600 Drill Activities for maximum practice

250 pages of engaging activities at every turn.

1200 Sentences for Daily Talk

See the verbs in context and follow pre-made examples you can model easily.

Various Question Types for All Learning Styles

A variety of activities such as fill-in-the-gaps, matching, short essays, listening, speaking, writing and more.

Is this French Training Platform Right For You?

you can start practicing useful conversation phrases from day one!

french conversation drills
made just for you

10 self-Intro discussion themes

72 French dialog contents you can train on

100s of audio Recordings Backed with Videos

All about your name

Module 1

All about your address

Module 2

Sharing phone numbers

Module 3

Your Marital Status

Module 4

Talking about your sex

Module 5

Talking about your age

Module 6

All about your faith

Module 7

Talking about your job

Module 8

Your spoken language

Module 9

Discussing your origins

Module 10

1-time payment

$ 1170 Lifetime Plus
  • Bonus 1: Twelve Training Ebooks
  • Bonus 2: 155 Vocab Infographics
  • Bonus 3: Supplemental Audio Files
  • 1-Year Personal Course Planning​
  • 56 times 60-Minute Private Lessons
  • 1-Year 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Individualized Exams Twice a Month
  • 24-Hour Moderated Training Lab
  • Audio-recorded Feedback
  • Video-recorded Feedback
  • A1, A2, B1 & B2 Levels
  • 2700+ Video Lessons
  • 6210+ Audio Recordings
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • Listening Activities
  • Reading Activities
  • Speaking Activities
  • Writing Activities
  • Exam Preparation
  • Level Testing
  • Lifetime Access
  • Online and Offline Training
I'm all in!!!

1-time payment

$ 297 Lifetime
  • Bonus 1: Twelve Training Ebooks
  • Bonus 2: 155 Vocab Infographics
  • Bonus 3: Supplemental Audio Files
  • 1-Year Private Course Planning
  • 56 times 60-Minute Private Lessons
  • 1-Year 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Individualized Tests Twice a Month
  • 24-Hour Moderated Training Lab
  • Audio-recorded Feedback
  • Video-recorded Feedback
  • A1, A2, B1 & B2 Levels
  • 2700+ Video Lessons
  • 6210+ Audio Recordings
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • Listening Activities
  • Reading Activities
  • Speaking Activities
  • Writing Activities
  • Exam Preparation
  • Level Testing
  • Lifetime Access
  • Online and Offline Training

4 small payments

Flexi plan
$ 78 Lifetime
  • Bonus 1: Twelve Training Ebooks
  • Bonus 2: 155 Vocab Infographics
  • Bonus 3: Supplemental Audio Files
  • 1-Year Private Course Planning
  • 56 times 60-Minute Private Lessons
  • 1-Year 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Individualized Tests Twice a Month
  • 24-Hour Moderated Training Lab
  • Audio-recorded Feedback
  • Video-recorded Feedback
  • A1, A2, B1 & B2 Levels
  • 2700+ Video Lessons
  • 6210+ Audio Recordings
  • Quizzes & Exams
  • Listening Activities
  • Reading Activities
  • Speaking Activities
  • Writing Activities
  • Exam Preparation
  • Level Testing
  • Lifetime Access
  • Online and Offline Training