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How to Achieve French
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For you French beginners, we’ve created 6 unique phases to follow without delay in order to build a well-rounded foundation.
Each phase integrates seamlessly with each other in a
unified learning experience and covers a key function and
skill of French that you must absolutely acquire
at the initial learning stage.

PRE-PHASE Pronunciation I don't care if you can remember a million entries from a thick French vocabulary or if you've fully mastered the most complex French grammar rules, but if your French pronunciation is unintelligible to the ear or sounds false (i.e., if it sucks and no one can understand you!), you're just wasting your time. Before learning French, your smartest move should be to study and practice extensively the production of its 41 sounds. This (pre-)phase will help you do just that easily and methodically.
PHASE 2 Sentence Building After you've understood the science behind a French sentence structure, we will show you how you can carefully and creatively craft sentences of your own by modelling our sentence examples and drilling the French out of them :-). We are confident that by following this step-by-step process, you will be reading and writing French in a matter of hours.
PHASE 4 First-Encounter Q-and-A Mastery Language is first and foremost interactive. Phase 4 delves into well-crafted exchanges between speaker and listener to show you how you too can confidently form French questions and answer them effortlessly and build rapidly your French speaking skills. We will use 10 practical self-intro vocabulary themes spread into 72 dialogs underpinned by sound grammar patterns to show you how it is done. Also comes with audio.
PHASE 1 Sentence Structure Mastery Just because one can place one French word after another does not mean they fully understand the mechanism behind a French sentence, its various parts and how they are put together. In Phase 1, you'll learn to identify and be ready to work with all of the 9 parts forming a French sentence. We will break down every single concept for you in simple terms and with great(er) clarity.
PHASE 3 Story Building: "C'est moi!" Now we're really starting to have fun! You've become more familiar with the French sentence structure and you now understand each of its parts and can build individual sentences. It's now time to start being more audacious with the most important task of all: crafting your own story and telling it to the world...IN FRENCH! With vocabularies specific to your daily life and a more confident use of French grammar, we will show you how this can easily be done.
PHASE 5 Active Vocabulary Booster Formulas You've taken great care to build your French vocabulary and grammar and to write your own story. In phase 5, you'll take it up a notch a bit with seven strong formulas enabling you to turbo-charge your vocabulary acquisition skills around well defined grammatical patterns. You're going to love it. We guarantee it.

Our Guarantee

Take 7 full days to test our entire course library or sign up for our free grammar bootcamp course Have any fear, doubt or objection of any kind? Learn from and train with us absolutely risk-free before you embark on your French-learning journey. Test any of our 8500+ courses for 7 full days at no charge or enroll in our free French grammar bootcamp with lifetime access. Whatever you decide, be sure to start now.
As long as you show up every day and train consistently with us, you can expect to see improvement in skills in the following areas: Most Frenchtastic People members see a significant improvement to their pronunciation just merely hours after starting the pre-phase level. They can efficiently identify complex French vowels combinations, read, write, and pronounce them easily after 72 hours. Our members can usually start writing out reading and writing full French sentences soon after finishing phase 2. Within a couple of weeks to 1 month, with consistent efforts, they can start speaking and writing about themselves, their families and any other common aspect of their daily lives in more and more complex ways. The practice lab makes all possible for you to achieve similar progress, so what are you waiting for? Try free of charge.
Take one week to test our entire practice-based French language-learning platform Test every feature, watch every lesson, try every exercise, practice any flashcard decks. But most important, visit the practice lab during your trial and see for yourself how our hands-on approach to online learning is the best thing we have to offer our members. You don’t have to commit fully until you’re certain our execution-based methods at Frenchtastic People work for you. And if (for any reason or no reason) you do not see how it can help you, simply cancel your subscription within 7 days of your enrollment and you won't be charged a penny. If you signed up for the Forever membership plan, email us at [email protected] within 30 days and we’ll send back every dollar. We’ll thank you for considering our platform and will welcome any constructive feedback you might have for us.

French Made Easy and Fun

High Quality HD Video & Native Audio Over 8500+ French lessons that we have meticulously crafted with simplicity in mind. All our videos are engaging and short (around 10 minutes!) and are recorded HD to give our student members a pleasant viewing experience with a classroom-like feel you will most definitely appreciate.
An Abundance of Training Materials Train your French nonstop with over 11,000+ digital flashcards with images and high-quality native audio. Plus, get e-textbooks and training books to supplement all the lessons we teach, along with a huge selection of PPT slides and informational PDF documents you can download free of charge or for a tiny fee.
Outstanding Member Support Your win is our win. We maintain a daily, active presence on our platform and read every comment and question posted by our members. If a video response seems better suited as an answer, we'll record one just for you without hesitation. We will stay here with you all the way to fluency. That's our promise to you.
An Ever-Increasing French Curriculum Language, learning and knowledge are not meant to be static in nature. That's why we think it's crucial to add fresh content regularly to our curriculum, including new lessons and answers to our members' questions as video clips and more.
Well-Organized French Course Platform Nothing beats a clean layout. If you hate getting confused as much as we do, you'll definitely appreciate how easy navigating our course library is. Search our lessons by keyword or by theme or use our dedicated learning paths.
Incredibly Active and Committed Community Our members understand the value of action. Our French lab remains the go-to place to test your French skills. You can ask questions, give and receive advice and support from us and other learners just like you. You'll have our full support. Guaranteed.

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"Your efforts are so appreciated!!! It's been said before, but you're a REMARKABLE teacher. Keep up the outstanding work! I'll be coming for more for sure!"


"Finally I understand!! THANK YOU, Herman!


"WOW! AWESOME! I really want to speak french like you speak english and spanish, Prof! Thankyou so much for your time and effort. Jen"


"Thank you for these superb lessons. It's so vital to have audio & written together. You use a very logical progressive structure."


Questions & Answers


Take the free “8-Week Essential French Grammar Bootcamp for Beginners” course. It’s a quick and intensive foundation course covering all the grammar tools you need to form simple and coherent French sentences immediately. While at it, don’t forget to access the lab for more training, too!

No worries. Every course offered on has self-learning capabilities built in and comes with an answer-key for every workbook available. But better yet, as a Frenchtastic member, you will receive continuous support in the training lab if and when you need it.

We offer you the lab to practice every single French word or phrase you’ll be learning here. Our platform contains more than 526 video lessons and 170 downloadable infographics, and that’s in addition to the thousands of French words and phrases nicely organized into topics and sub-topics. You’re set! 

Language learners differ from one another. For all new learners, however, we recommend the “8-Week French Grammar Bootcamp for Beginners” course. It’s an all-in-1 foundational course that tackles French grammar topics alongside French vocabulary and verbs.

Don’t aim at “mastering” French conjugation at random. Instead, learn to use the verbs most relevant to your day-to-day experiences for richer meanings. We offer two foundational courses on verbs that will help you get started instantly… and with NO conjugation required by the way.

It’s quite easy to do so once you join the training lab. We aim at building a supportive community of French learners and thus, we encourage our members to develop trusting friendships with one another and learn and grow together in a respectful manner.

Almost every written French word on this platform is paired with a sound clip or a video allowing you hear and/or see French sounds pronounced naturally. Moreover, you’ll also find in-depth French Alphabet and Phonetics lessons about French sound combinations…

Engaged learners make this community grow. We are indebted to them. Keep asking questions but also answering other members’ questions as it can make a real difference. And don’t be afraid to showcase your skills. It can boost emulation and participation.