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Get to know who’s behind Frenchtastic People and the mission that drives its founder.

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When did it all start?

Thank you for checking out Frenchtastic People!
It all started in the summer of 2007. A friend living abroad needed some basic French grammar skills and asked me for help. Due to the time zone difference, I decided to upload short tutorials on YouTube as "Prof Frenchtastic" :-). Quickly enough, these video tutorials started getting a lot of positive attention. Viewers around the globe asked for more, so I gladly obliged. was born soon after.


What made these tutorials fun?

One word: simplicity. I made my French video tutorials short (between 5-10 minutes long) to allow people to easily digest them. I also created lots of simple French grammar "formulas" you can easily apply to form all types of French sentences no matter your French level. My subscribers loved it. My YouTube channel grew rapidly to 6500+ members and my Yahoo!Group community to 2400+ members. So I decided it was time to build a dedicated platform for them. I got a domain website and named it It's been 13 years of fun French learning so far.

What's stopping online French learners from succeeding?

As far as I know, there are 3 main reasons working against online French learners:

  1. a confusing learning environment - (on the web, you can follow any French tutorial anywhere, with anyone, and whenever, and that's the problem. It's like driving with no visibility and expecting to reach destination. Not happening.
  2. rare opportunities to practice - (no training, no learning, most online tutors just teach and cut back on the training part or charge huge fees for that)
  3. cost -(serious online French programs can be expensive while the free ones, sadly, often lack in depth.

I wanted to change that with Frenchtastic People.

Prof Frenchtastic

What makes this french learning platform different?

First, this is primarily a french-TRAINING platform because we consider practice (i.e. execution) to be the backbone of any form of learning. Here, on Frenchtastic People, the learning part takes care of itself with hundreds of courses on French vocabulary, grammar, and verb conjugations (the three main pillars of sentence-building). So, I've created the French training lab to be at the center of our french-language platform.
Also, for that reason, and to avoid putting off online learners who are worried about cost, I have pledged that all my courses would be free for as long as a student wants to practice and apply what they learn inside the lab.
Oh, and Frenchtastic People offer full French courses and complete programs instead of unrelated, stand-alone lessons, that are often spread across sites like YouTube. If you decide to improve your French through practice (and we will give you a dedicated space for it), you can learn from hundreds of lessons from us at no charge. Think about subscribing to the Netflix of French, but only free.