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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Enjoy a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee and study worry-free.
You can request a full refund within 30 days of the date of purchase if you are enrolled in any of our membership plans. If within 30 days, you decide to part ways with us, simply contact us with your username and email address and we will promptly issue a refund, no questions asked. 

Frequently-Asked Questions

As a paying member, how many French lessons and courses do I get access to?

As many as you want. There is no limit to the number of French lessons (8000+) and courses (246) you can access 24/7 for as long as you keep an active membership. This includes all the existing courses as well as future releases. Regardless of which subscription plan you select, you will enjoy a plethora of practical French lessons and activities to boost your skills on all levels.

Do I have to pay for each course?

Our French lessons come in bundles and are not priced separately. If we were to price each lesson individually even at the insane rate of 0.50 dollar per lesson, it will cost you well over $4000 dollars to take all the courses we offer. And keep in mind that we keep adding fresh content regularly. So for simplicity – and also because I’ve decided I wasn’t going to beat Jeff Bezos at “Who’s the World Wealthiest Person” game) – I’m keeping all the lessons at $0.

If all lessons cost $0, why are there various paid membership plans?

Although every single French lesson hosted on this website is, INDEED, free FrenchtasticPeople is first and foremost a training platform providing unlimited assistance, regularly, from myself and our generous moderators. Therefore, to ensure we can continue to provide premium support to you and all our members whenever they need it, we kindly ask for a small monthly fee.
As a member, you get full access to over 8000 French lessons PLUS unlimited (human) support.

Can I purchase lessons or courses separately instead of the entire catalog 8000+?

We kindly want to remind you again that all lessons / courses hosted on this platform come at zero cost to you. Therefore, you canNOT and will NOT be charged for either a single lesson or a million of them for that matter. My hope is to give my students access to as many French contents as possible, at the most affordable cost possible. This goal can’t be reached if I were to price each lesson separately. With more than 8000 lessons available, costs will quickly add up.
If you are interested in just a few lessons, please consider signing up for our monthly plan. Immediately after you’ve mastered the content you need you can take care to cancel your subscription BEFORE the next billing period.

Where can I ask questions about the content studied? How much support can I expect?

As a member, you have direct, nonstop access to my French teaching expertise. Through the practice lab you can request assistance any time and expect a reply either from myself, a moderator or another knowledgeable member. For efficiency, the answers to your questions can come in the following formats:

  • Audio recordings you can listen to while on the go.
  • White-board screen recordings to show you the inner workings of a French sentence.
  • Face video recordings that can feel as real and as effective as a face-to-face tutoring.
  • Downloadable answer key available for most workbooks if you want immediate feedback or work offline

246 French courses and counting PLUS over 8,000 lessons to get trained on.

Select a membership and start building strong French skills.