Basic French Vocabulary Themes

French Time, Days / Months Vocabulary
French Clock Time, Days and Months VocabularyQuick Navigation1. A Few Notes on Telling the Time in French1.1 Asking for the time1.2 Answering[...]
French Vocab for Describing People
French Vocabulary to Describe PeopleQuick Navigation1. Describing People's Appearance1.1 Describing people's height1.2 Describing people's weight/size1.3 Describing people's skin color1.4 Describing[...]
French Daily Routine Words & Vocabulary
French Daily Routine Activities VocabularyQuick Navigation1. Daily Activities at Home in the Morning1.1 In the bedroom (in the morning)1.2 ln[...]
French Survival Words and Expressions
French Survival Phrases and VocabularyQuick Navigation1. Meeting People1.1 Basic greetings1.2 Introducing yourself1.3 Taking leave1.4 Sharing personal info at basic level1.5[...]
French Personal Info Vocabulary
French Personal Information VocabularyIn this vocabulary section, we will be learning how to ask for and share personal information in French.Have[...]
French Opposite Verbs Vocab
French Opposite VerbsQuick Navigation1. Motions and Physical State Verbs1.1 Going from A to Z: motions verbs1.2 Physical state verbs2. Psychological and[...]
French Opposite Adjectives
French Opposite AdjectivesQuick Navigation1.Age-Related Adjectives2. Order / Sequence-Related Adjectives3. Distance / Location-Related Adjectives4. Beauty-Related Adjectives5. Size and Height6. Human Traits6.1[...]
French Numbers, Decimals & Fractions
French Numbers, Decimals and Fractions In this section, we are going to cover French numbers and also learn to tell time in[...]
French Vocab for Weather & Seasons
French Weather & Seasons VocabularyQuick Navigation1. How to Start a Weather Conversation1.1 Most common weather questions1.2 The 3 weather sentence structures with *il...*1.3[...]
French House – Apartment Vocabulary
French House & Apartment VocabularyThis section covers the French vocabulary used to describe the various rooms in a house/apartment as well as the[...]
French Jobs & Occupations Vocabulary
Easy French Vocabulary Guide for Beginners Practicing Everyday Conversations: [Jobs/Occupations]This section covers the words and vocabulary of things related to[...]
French Body Parts Vocabulary
French Body Parts Vocabulary and Word ListQuick Navigation1. Head1.1 Get a head start with these words1.2 In and around the[...]
French Sports Words and Vocabulary
French Sports Words and Vocabulary ListIn this section, we will focus primarily on the most common sports categories in French.Whether young or[...]
French Road Signs Words & Vocabulary
French Road Signs Words & VocabularyQuick Navigation1. French Road Signs1.1 "DANGER" road signs1.2 "INDICATION" road signs1.3 "PROHIBITION" road sign1.4 "PRIORITY or INTERSECTION"[...]
French Travel Words and Vocabulary
French Travel Words and VocabularyQuick Navigation1. Travel Workers and Travelers1.1 Travelers1.2 Travel Workers2. Travel Types3. Organizing Your Trip3.1. Financial details of your[...]
French Nature Words and Vocabulary
French Nature Words and VocabularyQuick Navigation1. The 4 Natural Elements2. Water Elements3. Elevations and Depths4. Earth and Ground Elements5. Flora: Plants and[...]
French Shop & Store Words & Vocabulary
Easy French Vocabulary Guide for Beginners Practicing Everyday Conversations: [Shopping]Quick Navigation1. Shop and Store Generic Names2. Thrift Shopping Places 3. Food[...]
French School Words and Vocabulary
French Schools Words and VocabularyQuick Navigation1. School Subjects2. Education Levels Summary 3. Detailed View of Grade Levels3.1 Grade levels at primary school3.2 Grade levels at[...]
French Food Words and Vocabulary
French Food Words and Vocabulary ListQuick Navigation1. Generic Food Words2. Popular French Breakfast Items 2.1 Popular French Bakery/Viennoiserie Products2.2 Typical Hot Drinks Taken at a French Breakfast2.3 Examples of[...]
French Family Words and Vocabulary
Easy French Vocabulary for Beginners Practicing Everyday Conversations: [Family Members]Quick Navigation1. Members of the "Parents" Group2. Members of the "Children"[...]
French Drinks & Beverages Words and Vocabulary
Easy French Vocabulary Guide for Beginners Practicing Everyday Conversations: [Drinks and Beverages]Quick Navigation1. Introduction: Water and Drinks2.  Non-Alcoholic Beverages3. Alcoholic[...]
French Places and Buildings Word List
French Places & Buildings Words & VocabularyQuick Navigation1. Educational Sites2. Religious Sites3. Travel/Transportation Sites4. Services5. Commercial Sites6. Sports and Recreational Sites7. Buildings & Location-Related French WordsThis[...]
French Clothes & Accessories Vocabulary
French Clothes and Accessories Words and Vocabulary ListParis, the capital of France has been dubbed the world capital of fashion. Whether[...]
Basic Vocabulary Themes
Basic French Vocabulary ThemesYelpRead More this is another trialI want to try something newRead More dropdown trialThis is a trial I am[...]
French Colors Words and Vocabulary
Easy French Vocabulary Guide for Beginners Practicing Everyday Conversations: [Colors]This section deals with the French words and vocabulary referring to colors. In[...]
French Fruit & Vegetable Vocabulary
French Fruit & Vegetable Words and Vocabulary ListThis section covers the list of French fruit and vegetable words and vocabulary. I've put[...]
French Animals Words & Vocabulary
Easy French Vocabulary Guide for Beginners Practicing Everyday Conversations: [Animals][widget id="apsc_widget-2"][widget id="business-contact-widget-3"]Quick Navigation1. Les Animaux Domestiques / Pets2. Les Animaux De[...]

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