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Basic Questions

miscellaneous driving words

priority and intersection road signs

prohibition road signs

information road signs


Road Signs

nature and outdoor sports

sport equipment and facilities

sport participants and spectators

activities in the classroom

objects in the classroom

teaching and administrative staff

school buildings and facilities

grade levels at university

grade levels at senior high school

grade levels at junior high school

Going to School

french words for unemployed

finance and real estate jobs

writing and literature jobs

arts and performance jobs

culinary and restaurant jobs

science, technology and it jobs

teaching and academic jobs

types of unpaid workers

french words for salaried worker

french words for employee

Jobs & Occupations

dialog simulator: where are you from

conjugation verb venir de simple present

glossary: origin words and phrases

dialog simulator: what do you speak

conjugation of verb parler simple present

dialog simulator: what do you do

glossary: work words and phrases

dialog simulator: being of a religious faith

glossary common faiths

dialog simulator: how old are you?

glossary common age phrases

dialog simulator: disclosing your sex

glossary: sex and gender types

dialog simulator marital status

french variants for the word “partner”

union and separation verbs

glossary marital status phrases

Dialog simulator: phone call phrases

number and phone calling

dialog simulator: practice asking/saying where -x- lives

glossary: variants for the words [address]

dialog simulator – asking and giving name

gender titles before names

conjugation s’appeler present simple


Sharing Personal Info

Gastropods – animals vocab

Insects – bugs – animals vocab

Reptiles et Amphibiens Animals Vocab

Fish – animals vocab

birds – animals

Big Mammals – Animals – Vocab

small mammals – animals vocab

Farm Animals – Animals – Vocab

location related french opposite adjectives

school related french opposite adjectives

physical properties related french opposite adjectives

money related french opposite adjectives

relationship and union related french opposite adjectives

taste related french opposite adjectives

color related french opposite adjectives

physical conditions and sensations french opposite adjectives

psychological traits related french opposite adjectives

size related french opposite adjectives

beauty related french opposite adjectives

distance and position related french opposite adjectives

order and sequence related french opposite adjectives

Opposite Adjectives

french miscellaneous opposite verbs

french opposite exchange and possession verbs

french opposite union verbs

french opposite start and finish and mutation verbs

french opposite beauty verbs

french opposite communication verbs

french opposite cognitive verbs: at school

french opposite psychological and emotional verbs

french opposite physical state verbs

Opposite Verbs

Human Body

tight clothing for feet

Clothes & Accessories

french survival common shopping phrases

french survival common weather phrases

french survival day-related phrases

french survival time phrases

french survival at the hotel

french survival at the restaurant

french survival daily routine

french survival asking for directions

french survival expressing your feelings

french survival socializing

french survival giving well wishes

french survival being polite and nice

french survival sharing basic information

french survival taking leave

french survival self introduction


French Survival Kit

Food-related nouns used as colors

Veggie-Fruit Ripe or Unripe

Fruit and flower-based color adjectives

Metal and gem-based color adjectives

Miscellaneous Compound Color Adjectives

Course of Invariable colors compound adjectives dark color

Invariable colors compound adjectives light color

other daily activities

daily activities in the house before bedtime

daily activities in the bedroom in the evening

daily activities in the bathroom in the evening

daily activities in the living room in the evening

daily activities in the kitchen in the evening

work routine at the office

daily commute to and from work

daily activities in the bathroom in the morning

daily activities in the kitchen in the morning

Daily Routine Activities

drunk and sober french expressions

when raising a glass in french

common alcoholic drinks

non alcoholic beverages

Drinks & Beverages

other family french words

members of in-laws-group

members of aunt-uncle group

members of grandchildren group

members of grandparents group

members of children group

other popular french food

popular french dessert

popular french main dishes

popular french starters

pre-dinner french food

Popular French breakfast menus

Hot drinks for french breakfast

popular french bakery and viennoiserie

objects in the utility room

toilet bathroom objects

other bathroom objects

drying objects in the bathroom

shaving and make up items

items for bathing and showering

cooking and serving objects

miscellaneous bedroom objects

other bedroom furniture

other living room objects

arts and decorative objects

floor covering objects

cooling and heating objects

rooms and parts in a house

precipitation types audiocards

space and celestial items

weather and storms audiocards

elevations and depths audiocards

earth elements audiocards

The 4 natural elements

fun french expressions using numbers

reading prices with decimals in french

reading french decimals

reading french fractions

french ordinal numbers from 100th to billionth

french ordinal numbers from 1st to a 90th

french cardinal numbers from 100 to a billion

french cardinal numbers from 91-99

Duplicate Course of french cardinal numbers from 81-90

french cardinal numbers from 71-80

describing people character type – arrogant

describing people character type – humble

describing people character type – deceitful

describing people character type – honest

describing people character type – shy

describing people character type – confident

describing people character type – moody

describing people character type – cheerful

describing people character type – lazy

describing people character type – hardworking

describing people character type – unfriendly

describing people character type – friendly

describing people character type – stupid

describing people character type – intelligent

describing people character type – dull

describing people funny character type

describing people other features

describing people’s facial features

describing the color of people’s eyes

describing the shape and size of people’s eyes

describing people’s hair color

describing people’s hairstyle

describing people’s hair length

describing people’s skin color

describing people’s weight and size


Describing People’s Height

buildings and locations sites

sports and recreational sites

travel and transportation sites

Places & Buildings

repair shops and miscellaneous

stationery and book stores

thrift shopping places

Common shop names

official fall/autumn months

official summer months

official spring months

official winter months

telling the day and date in french

asking about the day and date

seven days of the week in French

Common time expressions in French

pronunciation variation for some hours

giving the time in between hours

telling “O’clock” times (–:00) in official/military time

expressing 12:00 in 4 different ways in french

telling civilian “o’clock” times in french

Answering what time it is

Asking the time in French

french ligature with ae

french ligature with oe

Accented French consonant C

Reading French consonants

Sounds of French consonants in words

Accented form of the French vowel Y

Accented form of the French vowel U

Accented form of the French vowel O

Accented form of the French vowel I

Accented form of the French vowel E

Accented form of the French vowel A

Reading the French vowels

French Alphabet

travel miscellaneous french words

places and means of transportation

financial details of trips

Travel workers

weather-related french expressions

common weather expressions – le temps est + adjective

common weather expressions – il + verb

common weather expressions – il y a

common weather expressions – il fait

wind related french words

cloud related french words

cold related french words

rain related french words

temperature related french words

french prepositions for seasons

describing the weather with adjectives in french

three french weather sentence structures with il

Do You Understand?

Making Small Talk (2)

Making Small Talk (1)

Talking About Yourself

Saying Goodbye

Being Polite


Introducing Yourself


Asking for Directions (2)

Making a Request (2)

Making a Request (1)

Asking for Permission

Asking Personal Questions

Asking a Question (2)

Asking for Directions (1)

Giving a Compliment

Making an Appointment (2)

Making an Appointment (1)

Making Complaints

Making a Phone Call (3)

Making a Phone Call (2)

Making a Phone Call (1)

Currency (3)

Currency (2)

Currency (1)

Numbers (4)

Numbers (3)

Numbers (2)

Numbers (1)

Weather (2)

Weather (1)


Calendar (2)

Calendar (1)

Days of the Week

Telling the Time

Asking the Time


Buying Tickets

Shopping (5)

Shopping (4)

Shopping (3)

Shopping (2)

Shopping (1)

Fruits and Vegetables

Sauces and Seasonings

Ordering Food (1)

Eating (2)

Eating (1)

Food (3)

Food (2)

Food (1)

Going to the Restroom


Troubles (2)

Troubles (1)

Health Problems (2)

Health Problems (1)



French Drinks

Comings and Goings (2)

Comings and Goings (1)

Taking a Seat

Taking a Taxi

Taking the Train

Train Station

Air Travel


Post Office

Email & Fax (2)

Email & Fax (1)

Hotels (7)

Hotels (6)

Hotels (5)

Hotels (4)

Hotels (3)

Hotels (2)

Hotels & Accommodations

School and Study

Museums and Shows

Taking a Rest


Taking Pictures

Hobbies and Interests

Culture of France


Cities and Regions (2)

Cities and Regions (1)


Where Are You From?

Agree and Disagree

Falling In Love

Feelings (2)


Feelings (1)


At Cafes & Fast-Food Restaurants

At the Restaurant (3)

At the Restaurant (2)

At the Restaurant (1)

Basic Phrases

Survival French Phrases

Main clause – proposition principale

Head verb – verbe principal

Grave accent – accent grave

Finite clause – proposition finie

determiner – déterminant

Cardinal number – nombre cardinal

Flashcard-Based Training – Glossary – s’appeler

Flashcard-Based Training – Glossary – Names

Asking a Question (1)

Fruits and Vegetables

Common French Surnames

Ordering Food (2)

Learning French

Flashcard-Based Training – Glossary – Names

Uncountable – indénombrable

Vowel – voyelle

Verbal phrase – syntagme verbal

Variable – variable

Upper case – majuscules

Transitive verb – verbe transitif

Third person singular – troisième personne du singulier

Third person plural – troisième personne du pluriel

Third group – troisième groupe

tense – temps

Syntax – syntaxe

Synonym – synonyme

Syllable – syllabe

Superlative adverb – adverbe superlatif

Superlative – superlatif

Suffix – suffixe

Substantive – substantif

Subordinate clause – proposition subordonnée

Subjunctive – subjonctif

Subject – sujet

Stem – radical

Singular – singulier

Simple tense – temps simple

Future simple – futur simple

Sequence of tenses – concordance des temps

Sentence – phrase

Semi-regular – semi-régulier

Semi-auxiliary – semi-auxiliaire

Semantic – sémantique

Second person singular – deuxième personne du singulier

Second person plural – deuxième personne du pluriel

Second group – deuxième groupe

Reported speech – discours indirect

Relative pronoun – pronom relatif

Relative clause – proposition relative

Reflexive verb – verbe réfléchi

Reflexive pronoun – pronom réfléchi

Completive clause – proposition complétive

Quantifier – quantificateur

Qualificative adjective – adjective qualificatif

Proper noun – nom propre

Pronoun – pronom

Pronominal verb – verbe pronominal

Present tense – présent

Present participle – participe présent

Present infinitive – infinitif présent

Present indicative – présent de l’indicatif

Preposition – préposition

Prefix – préfixe

Predicative adjective – adjectif attribut

P.d.o – Objet direct précédent

Preceding direct object – Objet direct précédent

Possessive pronoms – pronoms possessifs

Possessive adjectives – adjectifs possessifs

Plural – pluriel

Phrase – syntagme

Impersonal pronoun – pronom impersonnel

Personal pronoun – pronom personnel

Person – personne

Perfect – passé composé – parfait

Past historic – passé simple

Past anterior – passé antérieur

Passive voice – voix passive

Partitive article – article partitif

Participle – participe

Part of speech – catégorie grammaticale

Ordinal number – nombre ordinal

Object pronoun – pronom objet

Object – objet

Number – nombre

Noun phrase – syntagme nominal

Noun complement – complément du nom

Nonfinite clause – proposition non finie

Nonfinite – à mode impersonnel

Neutral pronoun – pronom neutre

Neuter – neutre

Negative – négatif

Negative adverb – adverbe négatif

Morphology – morphologie

Modifier – modificateur

Modal verb – verbe modal

Feminine – feminin

Clause – proposition

Lower case – minuscules

Liaison – liaison

Irregular – Irrégulier

Inversion – inversion

Invariable – invariable

Intransitive verb – verbe intransitif

Intonation – intonation

Interrogative – l’interrogatif

Aspirated h – h aspiré

Intensive verb – copule

Aspect – aspect

Intensifier – intensif

Acute (accent) – accent aigu

Inflection – flexion

Infinitive transformation – transformation infinitive

Auxiliary – auxiliaire

Infinitive clause – proposition infinitive

Infinitive – infinitif

Indirect speech – discours indirect

Indirect object – complement d’objet indirect (COI)

Indirect interrogative clause – proposition interrogative indirecte

Indirect – indirect

Indicative mood – mode indicatif

Imperative mood – mode impératif

independent clause – proposition indépendante

Indefinites – les indéfinis

indefinite pronoun – pronom indéfini

Indefinite article – article indéfini

Indefinite adjective – adjectif indéfini

Impersonal verb – verbe impersonnel

Inanimate – inanimé

imperfect – imparfait

Idiom – idiome

Head noun – nom principal

Gerund – gérondif

Gender – genre

First person plural – première personne du pluriel

First person singular – première personne du singulier

First group – premier groupe

Finite verb – verbe fini

Feminine – feminin

Disjunctive / stressed / emphatic pronoun – pronom disjonctive / emphatique

Emphatic / disjunctive / stressed / pronoun – pronom emphatique / disjoint / tonique

expletive Ne – ne explétif

etymology – étymologie

elision – élision

Ditransitive verb – verbe ditransitif

Dislocation – dislocation

Direct speech – discours direct

Direct object – complement d’objet direct

Diaeresis – tréma

Demonstrative pronoun – pronom démonstratif

Demonstrative adjective – adjectif démonstratif

Definite article – article défini

Countable – dénombrable

Coordinate clause – proposition de coordination

Consonant – consonne

Conjunction – Conjonction

Conjugation – conjugaison

Concrete (noun) – nom concret

Agreement – accord

Conditional – conditionnel

Abstract (noun) – nom abstrait

Concessive clause – proposition concessive

Compound sentence – phrase composée

Compound tense – temps composé

Complex sentence – phrase complexe

Complement – complément

Comparative – comparatif

Common noun – nom commun

Collective noun – nom collectif

Clause element – constituant propositionnel

Circonflex accent – accent circonflexe

Cedilla- cédille

Attributive adjective – adjectif épithète

Adverbial phrase – locution adverbiale

Adverbial clause – proposition circonstancielle

Article – article

Apposition – apposition

Antecedent – antécédent

Animate – animé

Acronym – sigle

Agent – agent

Affirmative (sentence) – phrase affirmative

Adverbial – complément circonstanciel

Adverb – adverbe

Adjective – adjectif

Active (voice) – voix active

Aspect – aspect

Adjective – adjectif

Acute (accent) – accent aigu

Acute (accent) – accent aigu

other french driving words

other fruit veggie words

bud and flower vegetables

Roots and Tuberous Vegetables

bulb and stem vegetables

Podded Vegetables

Fruits and Veggies – Leafy Veggies

Veggie-Fruit eaten unripe

vegetables – leafy veggies vocab

veggie-fruit french vocab

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