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Last updated June 18, 2024


Using question words ◆ Asking questions (1 & 2) ◆ Asking personal questions ◆ Do you understand? ◆ Explaining “what” in French ◆ Asking the time ◆ Making a request (1 & 2) ◆ Asking for permission ◆ Asking for directions (1 & 2) ◆ Where are you from?


  • You’ll easily be able to ask for common favors in French or understand those asked by someone.
  • You will learn how to make various types of requests in various contexts.
  • You’ll learn how to inquire about the time.
  • You’ll know how to ask someone for directions in French.
  • You’ll discover the most common French question-words.
  • You’ll be able to correctly form questions used in a personal conversation.
  • Overall, you will become more familiar with common interrogative statements used in a great number of contexts to make your French conversations more lively.


How many questions did you get to ask today? What questions? Where did you happen to be when you asked these questions and why did you ask them in the first place? See what I just did here? It’s an understatement to say that questions pervade human speech. Whether we get to ask questions or answer them, we can’t seem to escape them, ever.

This basic French vocabulary course focuses on the most common ways to ask questions…in French, of course. To achieve this, we’ve selected a number of frequently-used interrogative statements people make in very common places (office, home, and so on). This a list- and flashcard-based program, with opportunity for drill activities, audio and spelling practices. You can also interact with your instructor (me) on an almost-daily basis with questions and comments. Your constructive feedback is always greatly appreciated.


  • You are a complete or false beginner of French (although students at higher levels can still benefit from practicing with flashcards and from listening to the audio clips).
  • You are looking for a more interactive way of using the French you’re studying.
  • You don’t necessarily have French-speaking conversation partners readily available to start a simple Q&A talk.
  • You’re looking to take your listening and speaking skills with confidence and at your own pace.


  • You must have a computer and it must be connected to the internet.
  • Your computer must be equipped with built-in or external speakers to be able to listen to the recorded French audio segments.
  • No prior knowledge of French is required as everything will be taught.
  • You must, at least, be familiar with the English and/or French alphabet, and if you were able to follow me until now, chances are I don’t have to worry about it on that point.

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