French Phrases When Dealing With a Problem

6 LECTURES INCLUDED → [58 CARDS] Health problems [1] ◆ Health problems [2] ◆ Troubles [1] ◆ Troubles [2]◆ Warnings...

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Last updated June 18, 2024


Health problems [1] ◆ Health problems [2] ◆ Troubles [1] ◆ Troubles [2]◆ Warnings ◆ Going to the Restroom



An important vocabulary course that will teach you numerous phrases to help you describe a tough situation you’re in. The vocabulary tackled here deals with medical issues, common warnings, lost and stolen items, and last but not least, using the bathroom (as an emergency).

We believe that anyone can benefit from mastering these French phrases because, well, things happen, and you can find yourself in a tricky situation when visiting a French-speaking country. We also have our French training lab for repeated practice if needed. We’ll be around if you need us.


  • You are a complete or false beginner of French (although students at higher levels can still benefit from practicing with flashcards and from listening to the audio clips).
  • You are looking for a more interactive way of using the French you’re studying.
  • You want to look and sound friendly and make new French-speaking friends faster.
  • You’re looking to take your listening and speaking skills with confidence and at your own pace.


  • You must have a computer and it must be connected to the internet.
  • Your computer must be equipped with built-in or external speakers to be able to listen to the recorded French audio segments.
  • No prior knowledge of French is required as everything will be taught.
  • You must, at least, be familiar with the English and/or French alphabet, and if you were able to follow me until now, chances are I don’t have to worry about it on that point.

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