French Grammar Resources

Essential French Grammar Bootcamp: Practice book

An 8-week, intensive French grammar program, with access to a training lab + 370-exercise workbook.
Essential French Grammar Workbook (21 downloads)

A-to-Z French Grammar Glossary Guide

Finding French grammar terms hard to follow? Get this resource now for simpler explanations and examples.
Essential French Grammar Workbook (21 downloads)

Essential French Grammar Bootcamp: Answer Key

Make faster self-assessment using the answer key to the French Grammar Bootcamp exercises.
Essential French Grammar -Answer Key (23 downloads)

A Complete Guide to French Gender Rules

A detailed reference guide to help you sort out all the confusion surrounding French gender rules for any noun.
french gender guide (25 downloads)
French Vocabulary Resources

Active French Vocabulary

A concise French vocabulary guide wrapped in 7 easy formulas that make French word acquisition and retention easy.
daily active french vocabulary 7-formula (24 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary (Book 2)

20 illustrated French vocab topics, including 59 lessons on family, social relationships, food and drinks.
illustrated vocabulary book 2 (17 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary (Book 5)

128 French vocabulary spread across 33 themes on geography, time, weather and the natural world.
illustrated vocabulary book 5 (15 downloads)

10 Self-Intro Topics in French

Practice 10 everyday themes, including 72 easy dialogs that every French beginner must study to master basic self-intro conversations.
10 common topics of self-intro (25 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary (Book 3)

Master key French words on lodging, clothing and shopping in 25 topics and 67 illustrated lessons.
illustrated vocabulary book 3 (14 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary (Book 6)

20 French vocabulary themes and 30 lessons on the alphabet, French prepositions and adverbs and more.
illustrated vocabulary book 6 (13 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary (Book 1)

50 French vocabulary topics and 93 lessons on social etiquette, the body and the mind, with stunning graphics.
illustrated vocabulary book 1 (19 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary (Book 4)

Learn common French words about education, jobs, arts, sports and games. 25 themes, 77 lessons in full color.
illustrated vocabulary book 4 (59 downloads)

French Illustrated Vocabulary: The Complete Set

A compilation of over 500 French vocab lessons into 155 illustrated topics. Comes with video tutorials.
illustrated vocabulary full set (62 downloads)
French Verb (Conjugation) Resources

Master the Most-Used French Verbs (Book 1)

Ease your way into French conjugation by focusing on the most common French verbs. A novel, simple approach.
french verbs 1 workbook (23 downloads)

Master the Most-Used French Verbs (Book 2): Solutions

Solve comfortably all the questions in the "Most-Used French Verbs: (Book 2)" using this useful answer key.
Get it free or download sample

Master the Most-Used French Verbs (Book 1): Solutions

In a hurry? Get all the answers to the French verb exercises and whiz through all the challenges.
french verbs 1 solutions (19 downloads)

Master the Most-Used French Verbs (Book 2)

Over 1200 sentence examples to supplement the study of French verbs with semi-auxiliaries + 370 exercises.
1200 sentence examples for french verbs 2 (25 downloads)