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all major topics of French in 1 place

Need help in French grammar, French vocabulary or French verbs? Want short and sweet tutorials or full-length courses all gathered in one location? You're in the right place.

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Priority To Increased French Practice

Stay fully engaged with French and improve your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills in the training lab now. "Learning" French alone won't get the job done. Be a French USER, not just a learner!

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Greater Efficiency Thru Microlearning

Master one concept at a time; there's no need to rush. Our platform is microlearning-ready, offering small-chunk lessons and a better organization of chapters for easier content retention.

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French Learning With An Emphasis on Practice

Because you haven't truly learned anything until you've used it yourself.

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Extended French Vocabulary by Phrases

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"Merci beaucoup! I learned so much from your videos! They really helped me comprehend the French language far more easily. Thanks for this video."

xxDreamchaserx (England)

“I’ve spent a lot of time recently learning from other French sites out there, but none of it was as well-organized and as helpful.”

Andriy Buchko (Ukraine)

"Your efforts are so appreciated!!! It's been said before, but you're a REMARKABLE teacher. Keep up the outstanding work! I'll be coming for more for sure!"

Josh Rigley (USA)

Finally I understand!! THANK YOU, Herman!

Haniiieh (USA)

"WOW! AWESOME! I really want to speak french like you speak english and spanish, Prof! Thankyou so much for your time and effort. Jen"

Jen (Australia)

"Thank you for these superb lessons. It's so vital to have audio & written together. You use a very logical progressive structure."

Nicolas Herrea (Argentina)

Questions & Answers


Take the free “60-day Essential French Grammar for Beginners” course. It’s quick and efficient and covers all the necessary grammar tools you need to form simple and coherent sentences in French right away. And don’t forget to join the lab for more training, too!

No worries. Every course offered on Frenchtasticpeople.com has self-learning capabilities built in and comes with an answer-key for every workbook available. But better yet, as a Frenchtastic member, you will receive continuous support in the training lab if and when you need it.

This platform contains literally hundreds of vocabulary lessons paired with smart practice flashcards, including 526 video lessons and 170 downloadable infographics and much more. You can also perfect your vocabulary by accessing the lab any time. 

Language learners differ from one another. For all new learners, however, we recommend the “60-day Essential French Grammar for Beginners” course. It’s an all-in-1 foundational course that tackles French grammar topics alongside French vocabulary and verbs.

First, don’t aim at “mastering” French conjugation at random. Instead, learn to use the verbs most relevant to your day-to-day experiences for richer meanings. We offer two foundational courses on verbs that will help you do just that… with NO conjugation required.

It’s quite easy to do so once you join the training lab. We aim at building a supportive community of French learners and thus, we encourage our members to develop trusting friendships with one another and learn and grow together in a respectful manner.

Almost every written French word on this platform is paired with a sound clip or a video allowing you hear and/or see French sounds pronounced naturally. Moreover, you’ll also find in-depth phonetics lessons about French sound combinations…

Engaged learners make this community grow. We are indebted to them. Keep asking questions but also answering other members’ questions as it can make a real difference. And don’t be afraid to showcase your skills. It can boost emulation and participation.