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This is What We Do Differently

Lessons + Training = Free

Hundreds of video classes and training materials are totally free. Our students only pay a tiny fee to secure their class seat monthly.

Full French Courses Only

We only give complete and organized courses. But hey, there's always YouTube if you want some random lessons :-)

Instructor Always Present

This platform is monitored daily by an experienced French instructor who will work with you. You're in good hands!

Complete French Vocab Course for Beginners

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Achieve Progress Every Day with Micro-Training Tasks

Spelling training to sharpen your French vocab accuracy

Pronunciation drills to perfect your French accent 

French dictations to reinforce word syntax

3 Features You Will Love Having

Self-Tracking Tools to Stay  Focused

Two clear progress bars with percentage on each course page show clearly where you are in your learning journey.

Syllabus-based and organized courses

A very clear syllabus that shows you where to start and when to stop. No more clicking on random French videos on YouTube :-)

Community-Based Continuous Support

We get it. Mastering a language involves constant interactions. So we installed a chat app on the site in addition to the supportive group of French learners on Facebook.

Online Student Testimonials

I have just started having French classes. Your videos help a lot. I'm a Brazilian and I guess it makes it easier for me to understand the Latin languages. Merci!!
Greetings from Brazil


Merci beaucoup I learned so much from your videos! They really helped me comprehend the French language far more easily.Thanks for this video.



Thank you for these superb lessons. It's so vital to have audio & written together. You use a very logical progressive structure. These fit perfectly with the way my brain learns most effectively.


Finally I understand!!
THANK YOU, Herman!


WOW! AWESOME! I really want to speak french like you speak english and spanish, Prof! Thankyou so much for your time and effort. I hope that you are having as much fun as I am =o) Jen



Merci! This is great! my challenge is by the end of next year maybe the year after...I will be able to go to france and speak french.
SO this is really helping!


Your efforts are so appreciated!!! It's been said before, but you're a remarkable teacher.


much better than my college french prof .....she ----- (comment removed) at teaching.