Questions & Answers


What is our mission?
Our number-one priority is to train you into becoming a French-language user rather than just a French-language learner. We believe 100% that practice makes you perfect better and that the best way to study French is to actually speak it, write it, listen to it and read it whenever possible. In short, we believe in the “use it or lose it!” principle and created this entire platform around it. Learn how we do it here.
What’s unique about
We’re unique because on, it’s 20%-learning and 80% doing. It’s that simple. We know how hard it is to practice a language in a virtual environment, so we’ve made practice-based learning the cornerstone of all our tutorials. Here’ you’ll actually use what you have learned, write it down in sentences, speak it in an audio recording or listen to it. The training lab and all our practice books are at your disposal.
What courses do we offer?
Our goal is to give you a strong foundation in French. That’s why we offer courses in the 3 most essential subjects of the French language: French grammar, French vocabulary and French verb courses. We strongly recommend the 60-Day Ultimate French Grammar for Beginners course because of its wide reach across these 3 core subjects. With more than 7000 lessons to study from, you’re set!


How do I get help when I need it?
Help comes to you in various forms on our platform. The most utilized method is through the lab. I await your queries there. We also have knowledgeable moderators and student volunteers standing by. If in a hurry, we also have the answer keys for each of the courses/workbooks we offer. More flexibility for you. Finally, our flashcards have self-grading mechanisms built in. This is really nice if you study alone but want immediate feedback.
How are the courses structured?
We believe in the motivating power of micro-successes. Our courses are broken down into bite-sized tutorials you can quickly digest:  Our chunk-size tutorials leave plenty of room for targeted practice of a specific chapter, ensuring that our students remain focused until completion of the task at hand. You can view the organized layout of our French courses here the course library.
How can I advance quickly?
Millions of French learners have asked that same question only to be left with no tangible positive
result. So here’s our honest answer: you won’t and cannot “advance quickly” by just “learning” or memorizing French grammar or new words. Your surest path to French fluency is trough consistent PRACTICE, plain and simple.


Where should I start?
With over 7000 lessons to choose from, things can be get overwhelming pretty quickly. So to keep it simple, we’ve created the 60-day Ultimate French Grammar Course for Beginners. We strongly recommend that course because, although grounded in grammar, it branches out to all the essential vocabulary topics you need to quickly get started in French. Download the detailed syllabus of this course here.
Where can I find a lesson on _____?
Use the search field + button in the top-right corner of every page (or sometimes in the right side bar). Enter the keyword/topic you are interested in and voilà! Click the search button (binoculars) and you’ll see possible matches. Select the one you want. Done! Or just visit our French course library and get started easily.
Where can I hang out with other students?
Need intellectual company? Easy. Once signed up and/or logged in, head to the lab. There, you will find supportive online mentors (Prof Frenchtastic, y’all!) and like-minded classmates to stoke your motivation and with whom you can learn from and share ideas. But remember to always keep things fun for everyone: be respectful at all times in your interactions with other members because no harassment or threats shall be tolerated (=immediate ban). Let’s keep it safe and fun for everyone. Enjoy now!


Why did you create
Because online students like yourself want more practice time rather than just complex rules of grammar or a list of random of French words they can’t use. Because the “Use it or lose it” principle makes totally sense to us. Because we strongly believe that, just like in real life, the best way to “learn” anything is to actually DO it. Because we want you to speak French, read it, hear it, write it, play with it, experiment it. That’s why we’ve built this platform. Join now if you feel the same about learning using French. It’s free.
Why can’t I find any lesson on ____ topic?
First, check AND double-check that you are entering the correct keyword(s). Or just ask us if you are unsure which term to look up and we will help you find the matching lesson. But sometimes, though, the lesson you’re looking for hasn’t been covered yet. When that happens, quickly let us know and we’ll do our best to come up with some content (video or audio or text) to accommodate your request.
Why should I become a member?
Because you’ve finally decided to use the French you are learning. Because you’ve been following countless of French tutorials on the web and sadly, you still can’t manage to speak it, read it, write it or understand it. Because you like the idea of having unlimited access to a French training lab where you can improve your skills confidently with the help of a supportive mentor.


Who is Prof Frenchtastic?
I am from Earth. Really, I am. I also happen to know French just a bit more than the average folk (well, at least I think so). I wrote several French-language training books and created literally thousands of audio and video French tutorials for online learners. I am a proud (and often tired) father who enjoys observing nature, hiking and climbing (not so scary) mountains. Tired of seeing so many people barely getting anything from the online courses they take, I made it my goal to offer better-structured courses that rely heavily on hands-on training and actual usage of the language rather than the toothless learning of random grammar rules and vocabulary words. Thanks for joining me on that fun journey.
Who wants to be my study buddy?
Need a study buddy? No worries, Prof Frenchtastic remains (by default) your go-to-person. I’ll personally work with you to help resolve any French-related challenge or questions you have.
But if you want to have a virtual “classmate” to study with and/or challenge each other amicably, it is also very easy. Just head to the lab, introduce yourself and make an invitation. Please be respectful of other members’ privacy. No harassment, threat or lewd language and behavior shall be tolerated on our platform.
Who will review my answers?
Getting constructive feedback is just as important as studying French itself. That is why you can trust us to fully support you inside the lab. We will not trade that role with any CD-rom or Artificial Intelligence machine. It means that much to us and our students. Moreover, our training manuals come with an answer key you can request at all times. No need to wait if you can do it all by yourself! We have a very supportive community, which means that more advanced students are also encouraged to provide feedback as well.


When can I become fluent in French?
You should be asking instead “How can I use French to say A or B about topic C and D”. Attaining language fluency can oftentimes be a very frustrating goal (although ambitious) set by many learners for themselves. The best way to is to study  you can do I STILL acquire  , instead focus on number-one goal is to turn you into a French-language USER rather than a French learner,
by providing you with timely in-depth and exercises and opportunities for practicing and using
the French you have learned here or anywhere else.
When can I expect my question to be answered?
We monitor this platform DAILY, which means, that we will catch your inquiry usually WITHIN HOURS of it being sent and immediately after send you an alert that we’ll be working on it. Depending on the complexity or length of the question, it may take up to 24 to 48 hours before a full solution reaches you but rest assured that your question will be fully answered.
When does my free membership end?
Our commitment to you is for the long term and thus, there’s no time limit on your free membership. The 60-Day Ultimate French Grammar for Beginners course comes free with it. Inside the lab, you still retain full access to this course, although support for it may be limited and shifted to the other full-time members whenever required. Access to all other parts of the lab will also be restricted.


How much does it cost?
It costs nothing to join and to get access to the practice lab when you enroll in the free French grammar course for beginners. If you’re interested in all of the other courses, you can upgrade your membership level here for a small monthly fee. Check the price options here.
How many courses and lessons are there?
A LOT, for sure! Please visit our our course library to catch a glimpse of the vast repository of tutorials that awaits you on this platform. We have over 7000 lessons created in various formats and covering all the core subjects of the French language. For example, this French vocabulary course alone contains more than 520 video lessons! Plus, we keep adding courses regularly. You’ll never run of French lessons here. Guaranteed!
How much study time is required?
The goal isn’t to study for x amount of time, but rather to give yourself time to practice and USE what you have studied.  Memorizing a whole chapter of grammar rules in 3 hours with no practice opportunities is honestly a waste of time. You can achieve better results faster with just a 10-minute lesson coupled with ample practice time. Our mini-lessons, workbooks and the lab can help you get succeed.