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We make goal-driven learning the centerpiece of your French training. No more lessons without a curriculum. You'll study with a clear plan to fluency in hand.

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Ditch content overload and embrace targeted practice. No more learning without practice. Fun quizzes, exams and games around the clock. Get better faster.

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Let constructive feedback be the cornerstone of your progress. No more feeling helpless. You are entitled to our full support and our guidance.

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We help you Get your basics down

First,  the 3 pillars of French


Build a solid language base with essential grammar rules and structures that lay the groundwork for fluency.


We teach you all the essential French words and phrases for effective communication.


Master the key French verbs expressing daily actions + ideas and lay the groundwork for deep meaning.

Essential French Grammar Course

Course Details

An intensive 60-chapter video French grammar course targeting levels A0 to roughly B1/B2 (Upper Intermediate / Low Advanced). It comes with an accompanying workbook loaded with 100s of fun and engaging grammar activities.

This unit has:

10 chapters
23 lectures

Chapter One

Introducing Yourself
Nationality and occupations

Chapter Two

Describing people (1)
Feminine and masculine forms
Regular and irregular nouns

Chapter Three

Describing people (2)
French Adjectives
Singular & plural forms of adj.

Chapter Four

Verb ÊTRE in the present
subject pronouns
"Tu vs. Vous" / "Nous vs. On"

Chapter Five

The interrogative form (1) Simple interrogation: yes or no questions
Negative form (1) ne+verb+pas

Chapter Six

Present tense of ER-verbs (1)
1st person singular JE + -ER

Chapter Seven

ER verbs in the present tense (2)
(review) Interrogation and Negation

Chapter Eight

Er verbs (3) : Special cases
Stem changes for specific ER verbs

Chapter nine

Pronominal ER verbs in the present tense

Chapter nine

Pronominal ER verbs in the present tense

Chapter nine

Pronominal ER verbs in the present tense

Chapter ten

Masculine & feminine of nouns
Masculine & feminine articles (b)

Chapter eleven

French nouns in the singular and plural forms

Chapter twelve

French indefinite articles
French definite articles

Chapter thirteen

contracted articles "à la", "au", "aux" / "de la", "du", "des"

Chapter fourteen

Possessive adjectives

Chapter fifteen

Demonstrative adjectives

Chapter sixteen

Stating ownership: AVOIR + noun
Placement of French adjectives

Chapter seventeen

Describing physical appearances
Saying your age

Chapter eighteen

Expressing pain sensations
Expressing lack

Chapter nineteen

AVOIR in the present tense

Chapter twenty

Definite Articles with negative particles "pas le", “pas la”, "pas les"
Indefinite articles with negative particles "pas de"

This unit has:

11 chapters
21 lectures

Chapter twenty-one

French location words: "à", "de", "chez", "près de", "loin de"

Chapter twenty-two

French location words (2): “à”, “au”, “en” + city or country

Chapter twenty-three

French location words (3) "dans", "sur", "sous", "devant", "derrière"

Chapter twenty-four

Using the French expression "il y a" in three constructions: "il y a / est-ce qu’il y a / il n’y a pas...”

This unit has:

7 chapters
15 lectures

Chapter twenty-five

Identifying someone, something "Qui est-ce ?", "Qu’est-ce que c’est ?"
"Ce n’est pas" as negation

Chapter twenty-six

identifying, describing someone, something: "C’est" vs. "Il est"

Chapter twenty-seven

Making a general comment with "C’est " + adjective)

This unit has:

7 chapters
18 lectures

Chapter twenty-eight

Numbers (1) to count
Numbers (2) to rank
Day and date

Chapter twenty-nine

What time is it? "il est" + heures

Chapter thirty

Weather (forecast)
Months and the seasons

Chapter thirty-one

French partitive articles
"du", de la", "des"

Chapter thirty-two

Expressing quantities
"un kilo de", "beaucoup de", "pas de"

Chapter thirty-three

Making comparisons of French adjectives and adverbs

Chapter thirty-four

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-five

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-six

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-seven

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-eight

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter thirty-nine

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter forty

Comparing quantities - Superlative

This unit has:

8 chapters
23 lectures

Chapter forty-one

Comparing quantities - Superlative

Chapter forty-two

Comparing quantities - Superlative

This unit has:

8 chapters
17 lectures

Chapter forty-three

French verbs in the near future tense

Chapter forty-four

The passé composé with AVOIR (1)
ER verbs in the passé composé
IR verbs (2nd group) in the passé composé

Chapter forty-five

The passé composé with AVOIR (2)
Irregular verbs in IR, RE, OIR verbs in the passé composé

Chapter forty-six

The passé composé with ÊTRE (1)
General rules of agreement

Chapter forty-seven

The passé composé with ETRE (2)
ETRE vs AVOIR in passé composé
passé composé: reflexive verbs

Chapter forty-eight

French verbs in the imparfait
Expressing past habits

Chapter Forty-nine

french verbs in the future tense
Making plans

Chapter fifty

Summarizing the French present, past and future tenses

Chapter fifty-one

Prepositions of time: "Il y a", "pendant", "depuis", "dans"

Chapter fifty-two

The interrogative form (2)
Asking où, quand, comment, combien, pourquoi

This unit has:

8 chapters
19 lectures

Chapter fifty-three

The interrogative form (3)
Asking about someone, something

Chapter fifty-four

The negative form (2)
"ne rien", "ne jamais", "ne plus", "ne personne"

Chapter fifty-five

The negation and interrogation in the passé composé

Chapter fifty-six

French pronoun : “en”

Chapter fifty-seven

French pronoun : “y”

Chapter fifty-eight

French direct object pronouns: le, la, les

Chapter fifty-nine

indirect object pronouns: lui, leur

This unit has:

5 chapters
13 lectures

Chapter sixty

Tonic [emphatic, disjunctive] pronouns

Let’s check this foundational vocabulary course

Core French Vocabulary course

Course Details

Delve into 27 core vocabulary categories and boost your French repertoire with thousands of practical words and expressions you can use every day to convey useful meanings. With the help of smart flashcards, bilingual sentence examples and audio sentences, you’ll be set.

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Early-Bird Offer

This is the one essential French verb course you need

Most Used French Verbs Course

Course Details

These 265 verbs make up over 80% of everyday French conversations.
We teach you how to use them.

Verbs about communicating

43 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs for giving/ withdrawing

28 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs for entering / exiting

40 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs for touching and hitting

14 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs for physical states/ behavior

28 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs of Location

28 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs of Motion

18 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Verbs About Adding & Depriving

45 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Psychological Verbs

6 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Verbs about Making & Creating

12 verbs

2 semantic subcategories

Possession Verbs / Holding, Losing Verbs

31 verbs

4 semantic subcategories

Transformation & Substitution Verbs

9 verbs

2 semantic subcategories

Verbs of Union / Reunion

10 verbs

3 semantic subcategories

Auxiliary & Impersonal Verbs

10 verbs

4 semantic subcategories
Bonjour, je m’appelle Herman.

With extensive experience teaching at reputable institutions such as the University of Minnesota and the Alliance Française, I have honed my skills in guiding students towards fluency and proficiency in French.

My teaching philosophy is centered around the belief that practice is the key to mastering a language.

I strive to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the language through sustained problem-solving  activities, fun drills and self-challenge.

How We Help You Practice

smart flashcards

Use our smart flashcards for maximum word retention. With our flashcards, you can remove cards from a deck as you master them. You can also shuffle the deck for morechallenge, use them in smaller sets for easier retention.

video/audio models

Watch, listen, repeat out loud and follow actionable tips and methods in every lesson. Sample French words & expressions in context. 

reliable testing

We’ve got fun games, quizzes, full exams as well as dedicated practice books and  answer keys. Your practice is our priority.

the lab

Feel like you can do more with your new French skills? Unsure about how to use a particular grammar rule? Head to the lab . We help you make sense of it all with targeted feedback. 

Take your French practice
to a whole new level

get dedicated practice books for maximum french training opportunites.

complete grammar workbook

When learning a new language, ample practice opportunities are necessary. We’re here to support you in utilizing your newly acquired skills at every step of your French learning adventure. We firmly believe that genuine and consistent practice is essential for effective learning to take shape.

Master the verbs you need daily

and you get even more French training

More In-Depth Practice

grammar glossary

Try our full French exams and find out your current level. Each one gets graded free of charge.

verbs in context

Want to express a thought but can't figure out the right French words? We have a complete library for it.

extended vocab

Access the most complete French-training platform online. We prioritize practice 100%.

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