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A short introduction to the workshop instructors and why their background should inspire potential student’s confidence.

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A short introduction to the workshop instructors and why their background should inspire potential student’s confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

All lessons are pre-recorded, allowing you to learn at your own pace without attending scheduled classes or feeling pressured.

After purchasing the course, you will receive a welcome email with a login link and course details. We suggest starting by assessing your level in the “Test your level” section. This will guide you to the appropriate lessons (A1, A2, B1, or B2). However, you have access to all levels, regardless of your initial placement.

Once you determine your level, proceed to the corresponding lessons in each category (pronunciation, conjugation, grammar, vocabulary, expressions, idioms, etc.). While you can start with any category, we recommend following the suggested order above.

You can also begin with the French grammar bootcamp course, which covers all the foundational grammar rules necessary for understanding and constructing French sentences.

On our French language training platform, you will learn a comprehensive range of topics from A1 to B2 levels, encompassing pronunciation, conjugation, grammar, vocabulary, expressions, idioms, and more. If you wish to explore more advanced levels (C1 or C2), we offer a personalized program that can be designed for you at an additional cost. With regular dedication of just a few minutes or hours each day, you can make significant progress in your learning journey.

Your payment details are not stored on our website, eliminating any risk of them being compromised by third parties. To ensure secure transmission, we employ industry-standard encryption protocols for your payment information over the internet. For processing payments, we use renowned Stripe and PayPal, two renowned payment systems to handle securely all your credit card details. Rest assured, your payment security is a top priority for us.

In order to cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your account
2. Click on your Avatar at the top right of the page.
3. Select Settings.
4. Click Billing Info at the top right of the page.
3. Select the Cancel button.

You will have access to the course as long as your monthly or annual subscription remains active. The subscription is automatically renewed each year until you decide to cancel, which can be done at any time in your settings. As a registered lifetime member, there is no need for any further actions or renewals. Your access will remain active indefinitely.

Our platform offers a wide range of French resources that can meet or surpass the learning aims of most learners. Our extensive content library covers various topics, including French grammar, vocabulary, verbs, pronunciation, and more. Additionally, we can create personalized courses at a fee to meet specific requirements, given enough time to complete the project. Contact us.

I am unable to provide specific assistance on homework or school projects. However, I am here to answer any questions related to topics covered on our website. For instance, if you find the imparfait tense confusing, you can study the corresponding lesson, take the quizzes, and then reach out to me for further clarification on the topic if necessary.

Currently, private lessons are not offered. However, as you progress through the various courses, you can contact me daily for assistance.
Furthermore, upon request, I can design an full custom French course for that will match all your learning needs. Contact us for more details.

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