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100% Money-Back Guarantee

All our paid membership levels include a 100% money-back guarantee.
If within 30 days of purchase you decide not to use our products, you may request a full refund. To get a full refund, contact us with your username, email address as well as name on file for the account you wish to cancel. Once received, we will cancel your membership and refund any one-time payment made.

Frequently-Asked Questions

As a paid member, how many lessons and courses can I get?

As many as you want. There is absolutely no limit to the number of lessons and courses you get on FrenchtasticPeople.com, regardless of which membership level you signed up for. You can access all 8000+ lessons and even all those we will release after after you signed up. You just need to have an active account registered with us to enjoy French without limit.

Do I have to pay for each course?

The answer is NO. You get all courses including all 8000+ lessons free of charge. We only assess a monthly or quarterly fee if you agree to allow to us help you in the practice lab (unlimited support). Unlike other French-learning/tutoring sites that bill you for each course taken or x-amount of time spent using their resources, our number one priority here is to train you to USE French. We create opportunities for you write in French, listen to it, read it and speak it. How else can you effectively “learn” French? So get the lessons for free and come to us for the actual training. That’s our strength.

If all lessons are free, then why do I need to pay a fee to join a membership level?

That’s a great question, but allow me again to set the record straight: ABSOLUTELY ALL COURSES AND LESSONS on this site are indeed FREE (sorry for the CAPS).

First off, the Lite plan: You can join it instantly at zero cost. You get the 60-day Essential French grammar course with dozens of video lessons absolutely free of charge. You keep it forever. You’re welcome 🙂

VIP and Forever plans: All 225 courses and 8000+ lessons are also in fact free. We just assess a monthly (or quarterly) fee IF and ONLY IF you agree to receive unlimited support from us in the practice lab.

SOLO plan: Now, we admit this may be a little confusing for some, since this plan clearly doesn’t include any support service, so why is there a 5.99 /month fee? Well, this minimal fee (costing as much as one caramel mocha drink at your favorite coffee shop)  is used mainly to offset server and video-streaming costs (and believe me, it’s still a struggle). Accessing more than 8000 lessons 24/7 from a server with unlimited video streaming can come at a huge cost for us, unfortunately. With a minimal tech fee, you help us keep the lights on and you can enjoy taking thousands of French lessons absolutely free of charge to you. Merci beaucoup.

Which plan should I choose?

Most people select the VIP membership level because it gives them time (a 3-month learning period) to start getting used to the flow of French as they build strong foundations in French grammar and vocabulary. It’s also students’ favorite plan financially because of the nice monthly discount they get with a 3-month package. And of course, this plan also comes with unlimited lab support.

You can upgrade at a later time to the Forever plan if you are ready to commit and want to enjoy lifetime benefits

But if you are still on the fence and prefer to commit for a short time period, or if all you need is one month (rarely the case though), then the Flexibility plan will suit you best.

Can I purchase lessons individually? I only need a few lessons/courses, not 8000+.

Sorry, the short answer is no. First off, only e-books, infographics and training materials can be purchased individually, not courses or lessons. With over 8000 lessons, it will be a massive billing headache for us and our students to set this up and manage this whole thing.

Financially, too, it won’t make sense to our students we are trying to help.  Even if we priced 1 lesson at half-dollar (I know, crazy, uh!) it will cost more than 4000 dollars (yes, 4 thousand dollars!!!) to purchase all the courses they can get for a tiny fraction under any membership plan currently available. So if all you really want is a specific amount of courses/lessons, we advise you to select the Solo or Flexibility plan and cancel as soon as you you’re done.

But if you REALLY can’t help it and must absolutely purchase a specific amount of lessons/courses, we can create a special invoice for you as a one-time courtesy. We will ask for $14.95 per course. (Well, we warned you :-))

How much support can I expect to receive?

We provide very deep support and are able to answer all your French-language questions via the lab’s support forums. We release the solutions to your queries via a variety of means:

  • Audio recordings you can listen to while on the go.
  • White-board screen recordings to show you the inner workings of a French sentence.
  • Face video recordings that can feel as real and as effective as a face-to-face tutoring.
  • Downloadable answer key for most courses to get immediate feedback or offline assistance

(Note*: Members of the Lite and Solo plans can request the available answer keys for a fee).

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