265 french verbs to study first practice manual

265 most-used French verbs – Training Manual


[If you are already a member, you get this training guide for free]. We’ve compiled the 265 most-used French verbs inside a training guide so you don’t waste time searching among the 12000 existing french verbs. These verbs are used in about 80% of all daily French statements. Nine verbs a day will get you through this training guide in 1 month. And we’re here to help you train every day.

There are between 9000 and 12000 French verbs. It is safe to say that no one wants to learn 12000 verbs, let alone do it in a foreign language. Luckily for us, just a tiny fraction of French verbs get used over and over in daily conversations. Our magic number is 265. These verbs cover aout 80% of all French statement you hear every day. By learning just 9 verbs a day, you can master all of the 265 most-important French verbs and start using them right away.


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