CHAPTER 1 – Definition – Elision – Élision

Simply put, an elision [une élision] is a deletion. Wherever an elision occurs, a deletion of a vowel, a consonant or even a entire syllable also happens.

Elision happens in English, French and…hmm (I don’t know, seriously, you tell me, no time to look it up right now, and I’d love for you to enlighten me)….So…

In French, more specifically, the élision is the process through which the final of certain words is dropped and replaced with an apostrophe. usually this elided word will precede vowels, an unaspirated h or the pronoun y.

J’habite…(I live) –> Normally, it would be “Je habite”, but the final e of Je gets dropped before the silent starting the following word and is replaced with an apostrophe.