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CHAPTER 12 – Definition – Indicative mood – Mode indicatif

An indicative mood (le mode indicatif) is govern by the principle of reality. Now if you are confused by my “principle of reality” and wondering what the heck I just wrote above, you’re probably right, so let me rephrase it for you:

Use the indicative mood when you want to make factual statements, ask questions, or express opinions as if they were facts.

You can use any verb you want in the indicative mood. 

Sentences in which the speaker states a fact or a belief will normally be in the mode indicatif.

Facts can happen in three temporal dimensions: present, past and future. The indicative can be expressed in each of these temporal levels:

je mange / I eat/am eating (present)

j‘ai mangé / I ate/have eaten (passé composé)

je mangerai / I will eat (future)