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[Clause element] – Examples

Here are two sentences that will help better understand what a clause element (herein underlined) is:

  1. Voici les jeunes gens que nous avons rencontrés à la gare hier. / Here are the young people that we met yesterday at the station. –> The nous underlined is part of the relative clause “que nous avons rencontrés…” It also plays the role of grammatical subject of the verb “avons rencontrés”. Nous thus constitutes a constituant propositionnel. (There are several others in this sentence. I just wanted to highlight one of them)
  2. Ce n’est pas la mangue que j’ai mangée. —>  This is not the mango that I have eaten. –> The underlined word “mangue” is direct object of the verb “ai mangé”. As such, it is a clause element.