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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes with Substantives in French Grammar:

  • Using Incorrect Gender: Learners may use the wrong gender for a substantive, resulting in grammatical errors. Example: Using “le chaise” instead of “la chaise” to mean “the chair.”
  • Using Plural Forms Incorrectly: Learners may use the incorrect plural form of a substantive, leading to incorrect agreement. Example: Using “un arbres” instead of “des arbres” to mean “some trees.”
  • Some substantives in French have irregular formations in the plural form. Learners should be aware of these irregularities to use the correct plural form. For example: Un cheval (a horse) becomes des chevaux (horses), Un animal (an animal) becomes des animaux (animals) and Un oeil (an eye) becomes des yeux (eyes).) .
  • Incorrect Articles: Learners may use the wrong article before a substantive, resulting in incorrect agreement. Example: Using “un table” instead of “une table” to mean “a table.”