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[Phrase] – Examples

We are listing below a few phrases for your convenience:

Quel beau spectacle! What a great show! (syntagme nominal) head = spectacle

Lucie a visité un muséeLucie has visited a museum. (syntagme verbal) –> head= a visité

Je viendrai à cinq heuresI will arrive at 5 o’clock. (syntagme prepositionnel) –> head = heures. Despite being a prepositional phrase, it is a noun that gets to be the head of the phrase, not the preposition à.

J’ai vu des maisons toutes remplies de trésorI’ve seen houses totally filled with treasure(syntagme adjectival) –> head= remplies

Lucien court très vite Lucien runs very fast. (syntagme adverbial) –> head= vite