[Verb] – Examples

In these examples, the verbs are provided in French and their respective explanations are given in English. The verbs represent actions or states of being, and the sentences demonstrate their usage in different contexts.

French Sentence Translation Action or State of Being
Elle danse gracieusement sur la scène. She is dancing gracefully on the stage. Action
Les fleurs ont fleuri magnifiquement dans le jardin. The flowers bloomed beautifully in the garden. Action
Il croit en le pouvoir de l’éducation. He believes in the power of education. State of Being
Ils ont créé une superbe œuvre d’art. They created a stunning piece of artwork. Action
Le soleil brille intensément dans le ciel. The sun shines brightly in the sky. State of Being
Nous avons escaladé le sommet de la montagne. We climbed to the top of the mountain. Action
Le chien aboie fort contre les étrangers. The dog barks loudly at strangers. Action
Je suis excité(e) à propos des prochaines vacances. I am excited about the upcoming vacation. State of Being
Elle chante magnifiquement dans la chorale. She sings beautifully in the choir. Action
Le gâteau sent délicieusement bon dans le four. The cake smells delicious in the oven. State of Being