Adverb – adverbe


Let's Define It!

What's an *adverb*?

An adverb is a word that can modify most parts of speech with the exception of a noun.

When you say, for example, "Elle chante bien" [She sings well], the adverb bien [well] modifies the verb chante.

And when you say "Elle chante très bien" [She sings very well], the adverb très [very] modifies the adverb bien [well]. So in other word, an adverb can modify a verb or even another adverb among others.


Let's Pronounce It!

What does it sound like in French?


Let's Have an Example or Two!

Can a little reinforcement do the trick?

Below, you will find some examples of adverbs. They are underlined for your convenience.

  1. Ce mec est vraiment charmant. This man is truly charming. 
  2. Je sais exactly ce que tu veux. I know exactly what you want.
  3. Vous avez totalement raison. You're totally right.


Let's Take a Quiz!

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