Adverbial clause – proposition circonstancielle


Let's Define It!

What's an *adverbial clause*?

To understand what an adverbial clause is, I'll ask you to please go back to my explanation for an "adverbial" (complément circonstanciel).  The reason for this is that, an adverbial clause is a clause that acts as an adverbial.

Grammatically speaking, however, an adverbial clause is introduced by a conjunction other than "que". For example:

  • "Je serai là avant que tu n'arrives" [I will be there before you arrive]

The conjunction avant que introduces the adverbial clause avant que tu n'arrives.


Let's Pronounce It!

What does it sound like in French?


Let's Have an Example or Two!

Can a little reinforcement do the trick?

Below, you will find some examples of adverbial clauses. They are underlined for your convenience.

  1. Cet escrow prendra ton argent sans que tu le saches. / This scammer will take your money without you knowing it.
  2. Lave la voiture dès que tu la retourneras./ Wash the car as soon as you bring it back. 
  3. Il travaille dur pour que sa famille vive confortablement. / He works hard so that his family lives comfortably. 


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