Common noun – nom commun


Let's Define It!

What's a *common noun*?

A nom commun, (common noun) refers to all the beings or objects within a category or species.

It is generally preceded by a determiner (definite or indefinite article) --> un chat (a cat) , une personne (a person).

Common nouns can also be abstract: le courage (courage) , la patience (patience).

Common nouns are common because, well, they can represent many similar items within a category. The term un joueur (a player) can refer to one, two, five, 1 million players.

The first letter of a common noun is usually not capitalized.

By opposition to common nouns, there are proper nouns.


Let's Pronounce It!

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Let's Have an Example or Two!

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Here are a few common nouns:

le roi / the king

un vendeur /  a seller

deux doigts / two fingers

les enfants / the children

le silence / silence

une table / table


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