Coordinate clause – proposition de coordination


Let's Define It!

What's a *coordinate clause*?

When two or more clauses within a sentence are grammatically independent of each other, there will usually be a connecting word (coordinating conjunction) present to link these clauses.

Words like mais, et, ou, donc can introduce coordinate clauses, in French (proposition de coordination).

For example, "Les matins, je me lève à six heures et prends mon petit-déjeuner une demie-heure plus tard." (In the morning, I wake up at six o'clock and eat breakfast half an hour later). 

The underlined part in bold represents the coordinate clause introduced by the coordinating conjunction et.



Let's Pronounce It!

What does it sound like in French?


Let's Have an Example or Two!

Can a little reinforcement do the trick?

Examples of coordinate clauses can be found below:

  • Je comprends votre problème, mais je ne peux malheureusement pas vous aiderI understand your problem, but I cannot help you unfortunately. 
  • Vous respirez, donc vous êtes vivant(You are breathing, therefore you are alive)
  • Elle ouvrira la porte et son chien bondira entre ses bras immédiatement. (She will open the door and her dog will jump into her arms immediately)


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