Finite clause – proposition finie


Let's Define It!

What's a finite clause"

If a finite verb is defined simply as a conjugated verb (i.e. marked by a tense + person + number), a finite clause, therefore, is one in which a finite (i.e. conjugated) verb appears. Genius!

We call this une proposition finie in French --> a clause that contains a conjugated verb.

Elle sait que vous travaillez à cet endroit. -->  / She knows that you work at this place. (The finite verb in the subordinate clause -- travaillez -- turns that clause into a finite clause. Likewise, the verb sait in the main clause makes it a finite clause as well.)


Let's Pronounce It!

What does it sound like in French?


Let's Have an Example or Two!

Can a little reinforcement do the trick?

Let's now look at a couples of finite clauses:

Voici le cadeau que j'ai acheté pour toi. / Here is the present that I bought you.

Je pense que la vie est belle. / I think that life is beautiful.



Let's Take a Quiz!

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